Company Profile

Name: ČEDOK a.s., Travel Corporation, Destination Management Company
Established: 1920
Headquarters: Vinohradská 2577/178, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
Office address: Crystal Prague, Vinohradská 2577/178, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic


  • Čedok branch offices abroad (100 %) – Vienna, Bratislava and Istanbul
  • Eso Travel (travel agency)
  • Fotbal Travel (travel agency)
  • Alex (travel agency)

A member of the leading international organisations of the travel industry:


History of the company

1920 on July 21, a Declaration of Incorporation was issued on the founding of the Czechoslovak Travel Bureau – by Czechoslovak Railways, the Country Foreigners Union and the Bohemia Bank securing services for travellers of the day. The new Travel Bureau in fact started to operate on July 1, 1920 having received the sole right to distribute the railway tickets from the Ministry of Railways on that date.
On October 26, 1920 the company was registered in the Trade Books of the Register Courts of Law as the Czechoslovak Travel Bureau, Company Limited. The company consisted of 5 branch offices in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Karlovy Vary and Františkovy Lázně.
1922 The company opened branch offices in London, Vienna and Paris.
1925 Together with the Hungary´s Ibusz, Yugoslavia´s Putnik and Poland´s Orbis companies, it organised an International Association of Travel Agencies of Central Europe, called AGOT and associating 41 travel agencies.
1926 The company started to use the abbreviated name of ČEDOK and began to organise trips using the Praga luxury coaches to Adriatic Sea for the first time.
1936 The company became a joint stock company, with the majority share holding owned by the Ministry of Railways and an equity of Kč 2 billions.
1939 Čedok was incorporated into the German travel company Mitteleuropäisches Reisebüro.
1945 A so-called National Administration was introduced into the company on the basis of the Regulation of a Presidential decree.
1948 The company was nationalized and known as „Čedok National Company, Prague“, managed by the Mininstry of Domestic Trade.
1952 Its management was transferred to the management of the Ministry of Transportation.
1954 Čedok was divided into two autonomous units: Čedok, managed by the Ministry of transportation, specialising in foreign tourism, and Turista specialising in domestic tourism and managed by the Czechoslovak Union of the Physical Training.
1956 The company was transferred to the management of the Ministry of Foreign Trade , and selected hotels on Czechoslovak territory gradually transferred to Čedok.
1958 The sleeping and restaurant cars of Czechoslovak Railways were transferred for Čedok.
1965 The Čedok and Turista companies were united in one company under the name „Čedok, oborový podnik“. A large network of quality hotels known under the name Interhotels became part of the company. The Ministry of Trade was responsible for the company.
1970 The Čedok Travel Agencies was set up in Prague. By this year the period of Čedok´s monopoly of tourism had started the company comprised 10 Interhotel companies with 150 hotels, a network of 135 travel agencies and 15 representative offices abroad.
1980 The period of the company´s biggest expansion, when it started to construct new luxury hotels. The company was employing 21,000 people, using 208 hotels and 23,000 beds, 265 restaurants, 32 ski lifts, 1 cable and 4 chair railways, 10 music-venues, 166 domestic travel agencies and 20 representative offices abroad.
1988 Čedok became a so-called state enterprise, with a more modern management – construction of the Forum and Atrium hotels in Prague started.
1990 The Interhotels companies were separated from Čedok. The company set up the Hotelinvest and Tourinvest joint venture companies and signed management contracts with the Atrium, Palace and Club Hotel and Karl Inn in Prague.
1993 Čedok was divided into two separate parts: Čedok in the Czech Republic and Satur in Slovakia. The company was privatised and an autonomous joint stock company „Čedok a.s.“ founded – controlled by Československá obchodní banka, one of the leading banks in the Czech Republic.
1994 Trade began to pick up and the company started to make profit again. The share of the market in both domestic and foreing tourism increased. Programme of overhead cost cutting introduced.
1995 75th anniversary of the company´s formation. The positive trends of the previous year became even more dynamic. Massive increase in sales of outgoing and domestic tourism and all kinds of travel tickets. Radical changes in management and financing of Čedok´s companies abroad. Privatization and end of State ownership: new majority shareholder – UNIMEX GROUP.
1997 Čedok enlarged its activities and gained the property shares of company Prague Sightseeing Tours.
2000 The big expansion of the company continued, Čedok incorporated in the biggest Czech private air carrier and one of the fastest growing charter airline companies in Central Europe - Travel Service.
2003 Čedok further expanded its activities and capital by entering into Eso Travel Agency, the travel agency specialized in long distance destinations and Canaria Travel Agency, specialist for Canarian Islands.
2004 Since this year Čedok has been holder of the Certificate ISO 9001:2000. At the same time Čedok expanded back into Slovakia and opened Čedok Slovakia in Bratislava.
2007 Basic changes in majority owner. The new majority shareholder ODIEN GROUP, strong investor from United States, intered into Čedok.
2008 Čedok opened new office abroad, the subsidiary of Čedok in Istanbul – Ahoy Turizm.
2010 90th anniversary of the company´s formation
2015 launch dynamic packaging platform
2016 Čedok joined Travel Alliance - independent tour operators association focusing on corporate travel